Stevie Sailing

12 x 20 ft

Honan Sign Company

Winthrop, MA



This mural was painted in honor of Stevie Honan, who died in 2020. A larger than life personality, he touched many in his hometown. Work on the mural often paused as passing community members approached to tell stories of Stevie. Between volunteers and volunteer story-tellers, the mural directly involved over 35 community members. Special thanks to Kevin Cash.

The Bubbles

The Villager Motel

Bar Harbor, ME



“The Bubbles” celebrates the iconic view of the Bubble Mountains from Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park. It is first exterior mural in downtown Bar Harbor since the 1970s. 

The Marsh

70 x 8 ft

Winthrop, MA



Inspired by a painting of Plum Island, this mural aimed to infuse the neighborhood with soft colors and reflect the thick marshland iconic to Winthrop and coastal MA.

Climbing with Color

Rocky Top Climbing Gym

Charlottesville, VA


This mural was inspired by the colors and climbers that frequent Rocky Top. Made to feel as though the climber is a part of the route, and the route flits somewhere between the exterior and interior climbing worlds.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

4 x 8 ft

Portable Mural

Latest Install at YWCA, Bar Harbor, ME

This mural was painted to honor those Mainers helping their neighbors during Covid-19. I was particularly inspired by seeing the community of my hometown come together and offer food, books, toys, and help of all kinds to those struggling. A portable mural, it was last displayed at the YWCA in Bar Harbor, ME.

Acadia Trading Post

Bar Harbor, ME.

12ft by 16ft


Mural painting for the area behind merchandise racks, designed to highlight the display and accent the interior.


Apple Tree Shade

Bar Harbor, ME.

6 ft by 24 ft.



This mural needed to help the fence both recede into the foliage, and align with the colors of the owner’s home. The design was inspired by the shadows cast by the apple tree above the fence.

Mars Hill, NC.

3 ft by 6 ft


This mural re-imagines the view of the Blue Ridge Mountains from Mars Hill, surrounded by their historic pines. 

I Wouldn’t Touch You With a 5 1/2 ft Pole!

Witham Family Hotels

Bar Harbor, ME.

4ft by 6 ft



A Dr. Seus themed portable mural made for the Witham Family Hotels.

I designed and facilitated a mural for Clark Elementary School in Charlottesville, Virginia. The project was part of my work as a teaching artist for the Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative, whose smART Kids program linked artists with after school programs. I lead an estimated 30 students, between the ages of five and ten years old, in painting a temporary mural for their cafeteria over the course of five weeks.

The mural was based on life-sized self-portraits I helped the students create. The mural-to-be was cut up into 1ft square cardboard sections, and each student painted a random selection of the pieces over the course of the following sessions. Once all the sections were painted, we put them all together like a large-scale puzzle, secured the pieces, and mounted them to the wall of the cafeteria.

The Beach

The Robbins Motel

Bar Harbor, ME.

3ft  by 19ft


Inspired by Sand Beach in Acadia National Park, this mural aimed to reflect the local topography and make this sandy-zone a spot for relaxation.