Current and Upcoming Events:

New Mural At the Fish Pier

Located at the intersection of Commercial and Center St, Sunshine on the Eastern Prom captures the joy of spring-time sunshine in Portland’s parks. This mural was made in partnership with Downtown Portland as part of their 2023 Painting Outside the Box Project.

First Friday Open Studio

Please join me the First Friday of every month for open studios at Hay Studios as part of Portland’s First Friday Art Walk.

Latest Projects and Blog:

Windward Exhibition

Paige Speight was part of a sail parade on August 12, 2023 at Sail Maine. The Windward Exhibition included a parade of Opti sails painted by 12 different local artists. Paige’s piece, “Flight,” plays with the idea of an “optimist,” a pun with the type of boat, and externalizes the joy of accelerating in wind and careening over the waves.

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Rádio Novelo

This week’s (10 June 2023) episode of Rádio Novelo discusses urban legends, including the one where someone steals a dead dog. If it sounds familiar, its the same story that inspired one of my paintings in 2019. Even more exciting, through a wonderful coincidence and a story that deserves its own podcast and crosses two continents, Rádio Novelo uses my painting as their cover image for the episode. If you know Portuguese, please give it a listen!



Lately, I’ve been fascinated with kaleidocycles. Kaleidocycles endlessly rotate on themselves and can be made using a single piece of paper. I came across a copy of M.C. Escher Kaleidocycles, and began my own journey creating a tessellating pattern I could superimpose onto kaleidocycles. The tessellation I created depicts the transformation of the Selkie. You can purchase the kaelidocycle I made here, and assemble using the included instructions or by following the tutorial:

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